What Are Quarks and Gluons?

Answer Philosophers of Ancient Greek believed that all things were made of a combination of earth, air, water and fire. Experiments at the beginning of the 20th century showed that matter is built from at... Read More »

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What Holds Quarks Together?

Quarks are fundamental particles, which means nothing is believed to make up quarks. Thus, there is no force that holds a single quark together because nothing is smaller than one quark. However, t... Read More »

What year were quarks discovered?

The concept of a quark, a subatomic particle, was first developed by American scientist Murray Gell-Mann in 1964. The existence of quarks was then proven in laboratory studies over the next 10 year... Read More »

Who invented quarks?

Murray Gell-Mann, a professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, discovered the quark, a subatomic particle, in 1974. Gell-Mann took its name from a poem in "Finnegans Wake" by J... Read More »

How many quarks are in a proton?

Protons, electrically positive, are thought to be made up of three quarks--two up quarks and one down quark. The up=type quarks each have an electrical charge of + 2/3 times the proton charge, and ... Read More »