What Are Primary Producers?

Answer Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that makes the world tick? Well, it is primary producers, which synthesize and produce the energy for the entire ecosystem. These organisms produce oxygen,... Read More »

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Can cyanobacteria be considered primary producers?

Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic bacteria sometimes referred to as blue-green algae commonly found in oceans, lakes and soils throughout the world. They fulfill the role of primary producers within... Read More »

Do you know any EDM DJ or producers?

ADSR - Voices From The DepthsADSR - Momentum (Velocity Mix)Atmos - To What My Mind AttendAtmos - Cable Enable4Voice - Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix)Afgin - Astral ExperienceAfgin - Return To The Sou... Read More »

If divorced parents both carry insurance and father's is primary can the mother file hers as primary?

AnswerJust file and when the question asks about other coverage - answer it honestly. I see so many questions on this site about primary - secondary and don't understand all the confusion. Just fil... Read More »

My broker failed to canel my policy new primary in effect same Co Will not refund me Can I have two primary at the same time?

Depends on the rules and the policy provisions. Do you have proof you asked the broker to cancel the policy?