What Are Porous Materials?

Answer Porous materials are measured by the amount of empty or void space within the object. These materials are capable of absorbing gas or liquids like a sponge within the void space. Porous materials o... Read More »

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What is the difference between hard non-porous surface and soft non-porous surface?

I was curious as to the exact definition of these porous and nonporous because every time I picked up a cleaning supply it would always mention something about whether the product could be used on ... Read More »

Is plasma spray a porous or non porous coating?

According to the FDA, plasma spray coatings come in both porous and nonporous varieties. Both are often used to attach artificial joints to living bone. A writer at Gordon England says that the por... Read More »

Is gunite considered to be porous or non porous?

Answer Gunite is a type of sprayed concrete, and is basically as porous as concrete is.

What is Porous Concrete?

Porous concrete, also called pervious concrete, is a special concrete material with large spaces throughout. It allows rain and floodwater to run through it into the ground, instead causing it to r... Read More »