What Are Plankton Blooms?

Answer Plankton blooms are a rapid increase in the amount of phytoplankton (microscopic organisms) in a body of water. This can occur in either freshwater or saltwater, and there are a myriad of different... Read More »

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How to Control Plankton Blooms?

You've bought an aquarium, furniture, and all the equipment you think you'll need to operate and control it, but there's one thing that only an expensive filter will control, or you want zooplankto... Read More »

What is plankton?

Plankton live near the surface of the ocean and drift around in the ocean's currents and tides. The plankton family contains both phytoplankton, or tiny plants, and zooplankton, which are animals.S... Read More »

What are plankton?

Plankton describes not a single species but a multitude of life forms that spend their lives drifting with the currents, playing a basic role in the food chain.DefinitionAccording to the Water Ency... Read More »

Do plankton eat seaweed?

Plankton rely on the energy from the sun to generate energy that other animals would gain from food. Like plants, plankton utilize photosynthesis to create energy to sustain life. Plankton do not e... Read More »