What Are Phonics Sight Words?

Answer Learning to read is one of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks a child will accomplish. However, learning to read in English can be tricky and frustrating because of the many uncommon spelling... Read More »

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How to Learn to Read Letters and Words With Phonics?

The process of learning to read is somewhat intuitive. Children pick up language just by watching, listening and imitating their parents. However, by implementing phonics into the process, children... Read More »

Definition of "Sight Words"?

The most frequently used words in the English language, "sight words" are words that a reader automatically recognizes without having to use picture clues or sound them out. These words include ver... Read More »

How to Memorize Sight Words?

Sight words, or high-frequency words that cannot be sounded out phonetically, are encountered often in the English language. Children, as well as adults who are just learning English, can increase ... Read More »

What Are Content Sight Words?

Sight words are those words that readers should recognize instantly, rather than have to sound out or guess by the context in which the words appear. As such, content sight words tend to be nouns, ... Read More »