What Are Old Barns Worth?

Answer The value of an old barn varies widely depending on its condition, location, size and the materials with which it was constructed. As with any unique item, an old barn is worth what someone is will... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Bats in Barns?

Bats are beneficial to the ecosystem and devour hundreds of insects an hour. Nevertheless, few people appreciate their presence in a barn. Some people cannot move past the negative image folklore h... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Barns?

Outdoor spiders tend to peak in population around the early fall. However, spiders that live in basements, attics and barns maintain numbers all year round. Spiders that live in barns may be poison... Read More »

Different Roof Designs for Barns?

When most people think of a barn, they probably envision a big red wood building with a hayloft and gambrel, or "barn" style roof. However, many different designs for barn roofs are used, depending... Read More »

How much do horse barns cost?

Wooden horse barns are considered the best value for your money. The basic no-frills 10-by-10 foot barn, big enough to hold one horse, will cost just under $2,000. You do, however, have to factor i... Read More »