What Are Ocean Currents?

Answer To most, the forces that move the ocean's waters and the direction of the ocean's currents are as mysterious as its unknown depths reaching thousands of feet beneath the surface. The world's oceans... Read More »

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What is the initial energy source for ocean currents&wind?

The sun is the ultimate energy source for wind and ocean currents. Differential solar heating of the atmosphere causes pressure differences, causing air to flow from areas of high to low pressure a... Read More »

How Do Ocean Currents Move?

Ocean currents are propelled by various forces. Such forces can include the wind, tidal patterns due to the gravitational pull from the sun and moon, the Coriolis force and water temperature. An oc... Read More »

Who discovered ocean currents?

The knowledge of ocean currents goes back thousands of years. Aristotle and Socrates wrote about the cause of ocean currents and early sailors used the currents to their advantage. The first chart ... Read More »

Where do ocean currents occur?

The wind-driven movement of water at the ocean’s surface is the ocean current. Some currents only affect small areas, while others, like the Gulf Stream or California current, are larger and perm... Read More »