What Are Nursing Schools Looking for in Essays?

Answer Once you have decided that nursing is your desired field of study, the next step is applying to nursing schools. Most nursing schools require admissions essays, which are used to judge an individua... Read More »

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What Are the Top U.S. Nursing Schools?

When selecting a school for nursing, failing to separate the top universities from the not-so-special ones can result in years of regret. Luckily, if you're looking to become a nursing student, "U.... Read More »

What Are the Duties of Nursing Schools?

Nursing school is an essential stop for anyone looking to get into the nursing profession. For students just finishing their undergraduate degrees, nursing school is an imminent reality. The last s... Read More »

What Are International Schools of Nursing Health & Sciences?

Although nursing training differs across the world, it is generally possible for someone trained in nursing in one country to work in another, sometimes after a period of further study. This means ... Read More »

What does accreditation mean for nursing schools?

The accreditation process allows nursing schools to voluntarily seek review from official organizations capable of accurately evaluating the standards and excellence of their academic programs. Nur... Read More »