What Are My Alternatives If Denied Insurance?

Answer Insurance is your financial safety net when things go wrong. If you apply for any type of insurance, it is because you recognize your need of it, regardless of how you feel about paying premiums. T... Read More »

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Will secondary insurance cover claims denied by your primary insurance?

Answer As long as it is a covered expense by your secondary insurance and a claim has been filed with the primarty insurance then the answer is yes. The secondary insurance will only cover the exp... Read More »

If a large medical bill was denied by your insurance so you decided to file bankruptcy but before you did the paperwork the insurance company sent you the check can you keep it?

Answer Given that you asked the question in the first place shows that you have a moral struggle taking place. You know what the right answer is and if you don't do what is right you will regret i... Read More »

Can i be denied health insurance?

People can be denied health insurance coverage for numerous reasons. One common reason insurers deny applications are pre-existing conditions, which are illnesses or injuries that occurred before t... Read More »

What happens if i am denied health insurance?

On One Hand: Apply Through A Different Insurance ProviderApply for health insurance benefits through another insurance provider. According to, not all health insu... Read More »