What Are Mosquitoes Good For?

Answer As they buzz in your ears, swarm your family picnic and leave you with itchy raised bumps, you likely wonder what are mosquitoes good for? You probably haven't witnessed much good from them through... Read More »

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What Flowers Repel Mosquitoes?

Gardening is a favorite past time of millions of Americans, but it can be more of a pain than a pleasure if you are bitten by mosquitoes while outside. Instead of covering yourself with bug spray b... Read More »

What do you do to keep mosquitoes away?

mossie nets impregnated with long term (residual) insecticide is what is recommended. Won't be much use in the day time or when you are not sleeping.mosquito coils sort of work if you have enough o... Read More »

What Type of Bat Eats Mosquitoes?

The webbed forelimbs of bats make them the only mammal capable of sustained flight. Approximately 70 percent of bats consume insects, while others eat fruit and a few consume fish. One of the insec... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Not Spraying for Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are a nuisance that often ruin our enjoyment of the outdoors. Mosquitoes also spread deadly diseases between birds, animals and people. Spraying pesticides can be done with foggers to ki... Read More »