What Are More Ways to Get an Everstone in "Emerald"?

Answer In the "Pokemon" series, certain species of Pokemon will evolve once they reach a certain level of growth. In some cases, unevolved Pokemon can learn moves that their evolved forms cannot, so timin... Read More »

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How to Get More Master Balls in Pokemon Emerald?

Master Balls are the most high degree of Pokeballs in the Pokemon game, having the ability to catch any Pokemon without fail. However, Master Balls are very hard to get, since you cannot buy them i... Read More »

How to Have More Than One Starter Pokémon in Emerald?

Have you wanted more than one Treeko, Torchic, or Mudkip in your party without trading? Now you can in Pokemon Emerald! It is really simple and anyone can do it.

What alternative health ways can I use to be more efficient?

first of all the best thing you can do for yourself is start buying organic foods. it might cost a little bit more but the benefits by far outweigh the cost in the long run.another thing you can do... Read More »

What are the best ways to harden honey (more details)?

Grab a baking dish with sides, rice, saran wrap & no flavor pam/cooking spray. Pour an even layer of rice in the dish, about 1/2 in thick, cover with saran wrap. Poke small indents in the rice with... Read More »