What Are More Ways to Get an Everstone in "Emerald"?

Answer In the "Pokemon" series, certain species of Pokemon will evolve once they reach a certain level of growth. In some cases, unevolved Pokemon can learn moves that their evolved forms cannot, so timin... Read More »

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How to Know Emerald Value?

Emerald GemstoneEmerald is perhaps the most popular and valuable colored gemstone- of course behind diamond, which is most often preferred to be colorless. However, not all of the emerald stones ar... Read More »

How to Get Thief in "Emerald"?

In the "Pokemon" series, Dark-type moves tend toward employee, underhanded battle tactics. For example, Thief attacks cause minor damage to its target, but it also has a chance of stealing the targ... Read More »

How to Tell if an Emerald Is Real?

Separation of natural from synthetic emerald can be difficult. Here are some steps to take to find out if you've got real emeralds or imitations.

What is an emerald cut in jewelry?

An emerald cut means that a gem is cut in a rectangular or square shape and has a set of parallel facets on each side. It also has truncated corners. The cut is sometimes known as a "table cut" or ... Read More »