What Are Midrange Systems?

Answer In the early days of computing prospective, computer users only had a few products to choose from, but today a wide variety of computing products is available. From expensive builds that feature cu... Read More »

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Why do people replace midrange drivers with woofers when building center channel speakers?

The Usher "woofer" in the kit you mention is more appropriately called a "mid-bass" driver. Note that the spec's indicate it can be used as high as 5000 Hz. I would never use that driver to that ... Read More »

Why are bose music systems superior to systems from yamaha, denon, b&o etc?

The simple answer is... "They aren't"As a salesperson and technician for several years, I can tell you that Bose is not a quality electronics company, they ARE a quality MARKETING company. They ha... Read More »

How do enterprise systems interact with property management systems?

SEBI stands for Securities and Exchanges Board of India. It is the governing body for all stock market related instruments in the country. No company is listed in it.Companies are listed either in ... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of Carrier central air systems vs Lennox central air systems?

Answer There really is not a whole lot of difference. They are both manufacturers of many brands. Their warranties are about the same. Really with either brand you are mostly paying for the name.