What Are Medical Reasons for Having a Migraine?

Answer Migraine headaches are believed to be caused by changes in nerve pathways, as well as imbalances in brain chemicals that regulate the way pain is sensed by the nervous system.Trigeminal NerveThe tr... Read More »

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What can I do if I am having a migraine?

A migraine is an intense, throbbing headache that can cause nausea, chills, light-headedness and blurred vision. Migraines are typically classified as classic or common. According to FamilyDoctor.o... Read More »

Can you get a medical discharge from migraine in the air force?

If it's early in your training and they don't have a lot into you yet it's a good bet they'll let you go. You are likely not worth the ptential problems yet. Later would depend on severity, frequen... Read More »

Besides Medical attention how do you relieve a migraine?

You can take Exedrin Migraine - it has been the only thing keeping me at work all these years. Another thing that would help is peppermint oil. If you rub it on your temples and the pressure poin... Read More »

What are the reasons for having heart palpitations?

Anxiety, certain drugs, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, hormones, various medical conditions and various heart problems. You say you don't smoke or drink do any of these other factors ap... Read More »