What Are Marbles Used For?

Answer Marbles evoke thoughts of children's games, toys and collectibles. Marbles go far beyond child's play, however, when used in serious endeavors around the world and under the microscope. Marbles imp... Read More »

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Can glass marbles be used in a fish aquarium?

Glass marbles can be used to decorate an aquarium but should not be used as a substrate. While glass marbles can add color to an aquarium, they are not an ideal material on which beneficial bacter... Read More »

How many marbles would you have if you had one mole of marbles?

The value of a mole is 6.022137 x 10 to the 23rd power (often referred to as Avogadro's number) just as a dozen equals 12, a pair equals two, and a score equals 20. A mole of marbles is then 6.0221... Read More »

What are glass marbles called?

The names given to marbles vary from from town to town, as do the rules for marble games. However, a glass marble is most commonly known as an "ollie." Marbles are played all over the world and the... Read More »

What are shooter marbles called?

A shooter marble, called a taw, is typically larger than the target marbles or mibs. Other marble vocabulary include alley, a marble made of alabaster (marble); keepsies, which means keeping all th... Read More »