What Are Manipulatives?

Answer During the primary learning years, typically kindergarten through fifth grade, children need a combination of physical, visual and auditory stimulation while learning. To meet the physical learnin... Read More »

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What Are Base 10 Manipulatives?

Base 10 manipulatives aide in teaching the basic math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as the concepts of place value, measurement, perimeter and area. Mani... Read More »

What Are Math Manipulatives?

Manipulatives are not those people who informally force you to do something you'd rather not, but are rather tools that can be used in the mathematics classroom to reinforce concept learning. Manip... Read More »

What Are Mathematical Manipulatives?

Math manipulatives are physical or digital tools that help children visualize and interact with mathematical concepts, assisting them in completing and understanding equations. Mathematical manipul... Read More »

What Are Fraction Manipulatives?

Learning fractions can be a dreaded experience for many elementary age students. Fortunately, fraction manipulatives aid in the learning process by setting a strong foundation from which to build ... Read More »