What Are Manipulated Variables in a Science Project?

Answer A science project is a valuable way to get students involved with their lessons. The projects seek to give the students some control over the lesson so they have a sense of ownership. A science pro... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Science Fair Project With Variables?

Science fairs require students to apply the scientific method to a question of interest. This question can be anything related to observable scientific phenomena. Many science fair projects, partic... Read More »

What Are Independent & Dependent Variables in Science for Kids?

Although children may be too young to be familiar with the methods for experimentation, they are not too young to understand the meaning of the concepts. If you can explain and demonstrate the conc... Read More »

Dependent Variables for Science Projects?

Science fair projects provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the basic principles of the scientific method. With any science fair project, the student has to id... Read More »

The Meaning of Variables for Science Projects?

When research is conducted in scientific areas, variables are any conditions or factors that can be adjusted, changed or eliminated during the course of the experimental process. Examples of variab... Read More »