What Are Lahar Deposits?

Answer Lahar is a word that was derived from the Javanese word "berlahar." A lahar is a volcanic mudflow that can occur in a variety of situations but is most common after a volcano erupts. Lahar deposits... Read More »

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What are calcium deposits in the breast?

Breast calcifications---deposits of calcium found within the breast---are located in your breast tissue. Usually, breast calcifications are so small that you can barely feel them. On mammograms, th... Read More »

What are calcium deposits in the fingernails?

While calcium deficiency has become a buzzword in the health world, excessive calcium may do more harm than good. Calcium deposits in the fingernails indicate an imbalance of this substance in the ... Read More »

What is the origin of metallic ore deposits?

Scientists believe that metals on earth originated from the impacts of planetesimals (small, solid objects in space), during the early stages of the planet's formation. Subsequently, metallic depos... Read More »

What is the California law on the return of rent deposits?

In California, a landlord must return the full amount of the renter’s deposit or an itemized list of charges, including copies of receipts and any balance remaining of the renter’s deposit, wit... Read More »