What Are Korean Netizens?

Answer The Internet age has brought a variety of new trends, new ideas and new terminology. One such term, "netizen," pertains to frequent users of the Internet. Technologically advanced countries highly ... Read More »

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What is the difference between iphone 4 korean version hongkong version and malaysian version and why the said two versions are cheaper than korean thank you?

TRUE or FALSE: When Korean Foot pedicurists Speak in Korean WHILE doing your feet, it = BAD toe talk?

It is completely rude for one to speak a foreign language in front of someone who does not understand. They might be bad mouthing your feet or you in particular, or they could be talking about some... Read More »

What korean drama is this?

That's Soulmate, you can find more about it here:……

In what year did the korean war start?

The Korean War started during June in the year 1950, when North Korea invaded South Korea, and that prompted a military response from the United Nations and the United States. In 1950, an invasion ... Read More »