What Are Knee Pads For?

Answer Knee strains and bruises are sometimes among the effects of many sporting activities, professions, and pastimes. Using knee pads is often necessary to offer protection from such impacts and abrasio... Read More »

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What are knee pads made of?

What are soccer knee pads made of?

Most soccer knee pads are made of a high-density-foam material. A cotton lycra sleeve encases the foam to help with mobility. Some soccer knee pads are made of neoprene, which doesn't offer as much... Read More »

What were knee pads for volleyball made of in 1900?

Players most likely wore protective gear from other sports when playing volleyball in 1900, such as leather pads from football, if they wore any at all. Volleyball was invented in 1895, and a ball ... Read More »

What were volleyball knee pads made of in 1900?

Volleyball was invented in 1895, and 1900 was the first time that balls specifically designed for the sport were used. Information on protective gear is scarce, but most such equipment of that era ... Read More »