What Are Kazuri Stones?

Answer A name that means "small and beautiful" in Swahili, Kazuri stones are produced at a factory located on the Karen Blixen Estate in Kenya. Founded in 1975 by Lady Susan Wood, the company aimed to emp... Read More »

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Gall bladder stones V/s. kidney stones?

Doctors are really stupid about this. It has become easy to remove gall bladders like they used to remove tonsils. DO NOT have surgery and remove the gall bladder. Your troubles will just begin ... Read More »

How much is 190 lbs in "stones" like people say im __ stones?

A stone is 14 pounds.Divide your weight in pounds by 14 and you got your answer.13.6 is correct

How to Use Hot Stones?

Hot stones have a variety of uses. You can heat stones up in the winter and use them as bed warmers, and you can also utilize them for a hot stone massage. A good night's sleep and massage may impr... Read More »

How to Tumble Stones?

Stone tumbling is, in many cases, the first step to creating nice jewelry and other items from rough stones. The stone tumbling process works slowly over time, mimicking what the wear and tear proc... Read More »