What Are Independent & Dependent Variables in Science for Kids?

Answer Although children may be too young to be familiar with the methods for experimentation, they are not too young to understand the meaning of the concepts. If you can explain and demonstrate the conc... Read More »

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How to Identify Independent & Dependent Variables in the Study of Political Science?

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What Are Dependent, Independent & Controlled Variables?

Dependent and independent variables, and the less well known controlled and extraneous variables, are all used in the study and practice of science, mathematics and statistics. They each have a dif... Read More »

How to Find the Independent & Dependent Variables in Math Problems?

The determination of independent and dependent variables is important in many fields that perform data analysis. The most common reason for determining these values is to ascertain whether a correl... Read More »

Dependent Variables for Science Projects?

Science fair projects provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the basic principles of the scientific method. With any science fair project, the student has to id... Read More »