What Are Hot Packs Used for?

Answer Heat packs can be small or large and are used them for a variety of purposes. Make your own heat packs by creating a small "pillow" and filling it with rice; heat it up in the microwave whenever yo... Read More »

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How to Melt Ice Packs?

Ice packs melt when coming into contact with heat sources that raise the temperature of the pack. Ice packs used to treat medical ailments melt because of exposure to body heat and room temperature... Read More »

What Are Glass Packs For?

There are a number of different ways to upgrade and modify your vehicle's exhaust system. By swapping out your car's muffler with a glass pack muffler, you can affect the noise level and performanc... Read More »

What is the chemical in hot packs?

Instant hot packs generate heat by causing a controlled chemical reaction. When mixed with water, certain chemicals give off heat as a byproduct, which in turns works as a therapeutic compress for ... Read More »

Are ice packs toxic?

On One Hand: Read the LabelThe materials used to produce ice packs differ by type and manufacturer. Gel ice packs often used to keep food cool will be labeled non-toxic when composed of non-toxic m... Read More »