What Are Grolier Encyclopedias Worth?

Answer Long considered the premier encyclopedia publisher for children, Grolier is still going strong with Grolier Online, the encyclopedia's most popular version. Grolier was producing updated print edit... Read More »

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What are the titles in Grolier's 50 vol World's Greatest Classics series?

Answer Happy reading. .~_~.The Divine Comedy-DanteGreat Poetry of the English LanguageParadise Lost/Paradise Regained-MiltonThe Odyssey-HomerThe Illiad-HomerFaust/The Sorrows of Young Werther-Goeth... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Old Encyclopedias?

If you've read your old encyclopedias from cover to cover or only purchased them so your children would have them to do research while they were growing up, it's possible that the books have become... Read More »

The Difference Between BC & BCE in Encyclopedias?

When designating a specific year in an encyclopedia entry, editors must choose between B.C. and BCE. These two abbreviations have been competing for dominance for many years, with one camp favoring... Read More »

How often are encyclopedias printed?

Updates to encyclopedias vary, depending on the format--print or digital--and the type of information covered by the reference. The publisher and experts who develop and write content also influenc... Read More »