What Are Good Character Traits for a Teacher?

Answer The best teachers often share certain characteristics. While anyone with the right education can become a teacher, certain types of people have personalities more naturally suited to this type of w... Read More »

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What are the character traits for Oprah Winfrey?

What Traits Would an Archetypal Character Have?

An archetypal character is the stereotyped manifestation of a particular "kind" of person. These stereotype characters often display similar personalities, behaviors, and characteristics regardless... Read More »

What character traits would describe Oprah Winfrey?

Oprah can be many things. She is a strong black women. She is independent, generous, influential, and powerful. She is also one of the few stars that even though they are rich, they know where they... Read More »

What unique character traits did the narrator on Twilight Zone posses?

Rod Serling was a screen writer , a paratrooper with the 11th Airborne Division where he fought in the Philippines where he was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star . He was an inveterate ... Read More »