What Are Four-Pronged Tests for Determining Whether a Car Is a Lemon?

Answer A new-car lemon is a vehicle that fails to conform to the manufacturer's new-car warranty at the time of original delivery, and is incapable of being repaired after a reasonable number of attempts.... Read More »

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What is a pronged hairbrush?

Pronged hairbrushes have thick plastic or rubber prongs rather than bristles. They are used to massage the scalp and improve blood circulation toward the head. This has been known to help people at... Read More »

What wire goes where on a L5-30 3 pronged plug?

This is a 30 amp 125 volt device. The black wire goes on the smallest pin, should be a brass coloured screw, the white on the next in size, should be a silver coloured screw and the ground wire on ... Read More »

What is it if you have what looks like a tooth or a three-pronged something growing out of the roof of your mouth?

Answer Sounds like there could possibly be one of your permanent Molars growing out "ROOT" first. The 3 things you see growing out are Roots.

What Supreme Court justice first set out the four-pronged test?

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote the majority opinion in the case of United States v. O'Brien that established the four-pronged test, since known as the O'Brien test, for determin... Read More »