What Are Expression Vectors?

Answer In the 21st century, microbiologists work on ways to alter genes and cells. They are experimenting with everything from genetic cures for diseases to altering the evolutionary process. Vectors in g... Read More »

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What are vectors ?

The word "vector" derives from the Latin word for carrier, "vehere," which itself uses the Latin verb "vect," which means "to carry." Depending on the context, the word can have a number of meaning... Read More »

How to Add or Subtract Vectors?

Three forces, typical examples of vectorsVectors are physical quantities that consist of a magnitude as well as a direction, for example velocity, acceleration, and displacement, as opposed to scal... Read More »

How to Use Java Vectors?

In the Java programming language, the built-in Vector class implements a thread-safe sequence containing a variable number of objects. Unlike conventional arrays -- for which the capacity must be k... Read More »

In Elfen Lied what does Nana do to Lucy's and Mariko's forehead that makes them unable to use their vectors?

She just damaged the monster that the vectors actually belonged to.