What Are Experts?

Answer According to the Free Online Dictionary, the primary definition of "expert" is a person "with a degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject." A secondary definition of expert refers to the... Read More »

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What sites have experts on blu-ray discs and players?

Stereophile and Absolute Sound are the two best Magazines and they both have websites as well that you can read reviews on players and sometimes on blu ray discs as well. For strickly blu ray disc... Read More »

How to Stop Comparing Yourself With What the 'Experts' Are Saying?

Are you baffled by the incredible raft of "experts" telling you what to do all the time? There is an increasing insistence in many societies that we look to experts for everything. From raising our... Read More »

What things do you do with your baby that the 'experts' say you shouldn't?

I love your question! And reading all the answers were funny!I am a 1st time mommy with a 7 week old and now I won't feel 'bad' about doing things my way! Even though I haven't had much time yet ... Read More »

Pc experts,How does this pc build sound, what games could it run?

For a budget it seems pretty good. Just make sure your power supply has at least 16A on the +12V rail. The recommended power supply requirements for a Radeon HD 7750 is 400 watts with at least 16A ... Read More »