What Are Ethical Implications?

Answer It has been said that Socrates was so consumed by ethical theory that he chose to die rather than violate his principles. Ethics can be viewed as a subjective philosophy dealing with right and wron... Read More »

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The Ethical Implications of Documentation in Nursing?

Any contact with a patient or client in a service profession requires documentation. Documentation can be written records, observation and reports. Nurses must document all contact with a patient f... Read More »

Tax Implications for an IRA?

IRAs are individual retirement accounts which were started in 1974 to give people an added incentive to contribute to their retirement plans. The particular tax implications that apply to your IRA ... Read More »

Implications of VAT on Marketing?

Value added tax, VAT, is an indirect tax imposed on domestic consumption of goods and services except for those that are exempted -- such as exported goods and basic food stuffs and essential drugs... Read More »

Tax Implications of Bankruptcy?

Normally, when someone has a debt forgiven, there are still tax implications. In short, the government can treat the forgiven amount as "imputed" income and tax it. A filing for bankruptcy protecti... Read More »