What Are Earth Colors?

Answer Take a look outside, the earth is filled with many colors. From bright and vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds, to cool blues, crisp greens, earthy shades of brown, and soft grays and whites. These ... Read More »

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Colors for Earth, Air, Fire and Water?

In many world philosophies, including ancient Greece and Egyptian, there are four main elements that are thought to form the basis for the natural world. These classical elements are earth, air, fi... Read More »

Earth Toned Siding Colors?

Siding colors are available in more than 100 different shades, but you can trim down your selection by going with earth tones. These neutral shades can make your home blend well with landscaping, t... Read More »

What Are the Colors Obtained by Mixing Equal Parts of Two Primary Colors?

All colors are created by mixing two or more of the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue. When equal parts of all three primary colors are mixed together, a neutral color such as gray is prod... Read More »

What three base colors do monitors use to compose all other colors?

Computer monitors display images by mixing various amounts of red, green and blue light together to make all the other colors---hence, the name RGB monitor. All computer monitors are RGB monitors.S... Read More »