What Are Desertion Divorce Papers?

Answer Marriage is a legal contract between two individuals, which forms a bond for creating a family and common property rights. Dissolving a marriage requires another legal process, called divorce, usin... Read More »

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Is a divorce final if only one partner signs the divorce papers?

If one of the spouses refuses to sign divorce papers, the divorce is not final. When this happens, a divorce action is filed in court--and is usually resolved one way or another during a trial.Refe... Read More »

What can I do if I lost my divorce papers?

Losing divorce papers represents a relatively common experience for people. Finding yourself unable to locate your divorce papers leads to frustration and potentially legal complications. There is ... Read More »

What court do you take divorce papers to?

State court systems have various courts for handling divorce proceedings. In Massachusetts, for instance, divorce papers must be filed at the Probate Court in the county where the person lives. In ... Read More »

What happens if I don't sign the divorce papers?

On One Hand: Default DivorceIf you do not sign divorce papers by the deadline, your spouse can file for a default divorce. Assuming all legal processes were followed at the time you were served wit... Read More »