What Are Definite & Indefinite Articles?

Answer Articles are used to introduce nouns. In English, the two articles are "the" and "a/an." The definite article "the" is used to introduce a specific noun, such as "the woman," and the indefinite art... Read More »

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What Are Indefinite Numbers?

Bunches of oats, loads of chocolate, and heaps of cherries are all examples of indefinite numbers. Indefinite numbers are terms for a quantity whose exact amount you do not know. Indefinite numbe... Read More »

Are wikipedia articles cited by authorized personnels with expertise in related articles?

If I'm interpreting your question correctly, you're looking for academic and/or expert articles which cite Wikipedia. In that case, check out this (incomplete) list on Wikipedia:< http://en.wikiped... Read More »

What is the name given to a roll of fabric of definite length?

A bolt of fabric is a quantity of fabric of definite length.

Will there be 'forwarding' from URLs to articles that were on, to the same or similar articles?

I'm not certain, but I'm trying to encourage them to do so. This is how: I'm going to places on the Internet where I've posted links, and clicking on them. Each time I do this, it should generat... Read More »