What Are Cumulus Clouds?

Answer When people think of clouds, they often think of cumulus clouds. "Cumulus" is Latin for "heap," and cumulus clouds look like heaps of cotton. Cumulus clouds are easily spotted by their clear line... Read More »

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What Type of Clouds Are Rain Clouds?

Almost everyone watches clouds. Clouds are among the most fascinating of all weather phenomenon. They are formed through the process of condensation when water vapor rises into the atmosphere where... Read More »

How to Use a Cumulus Theme?

The Cumulus theme is a template used in the WordPress blogging platform to change the way your blog looks and functions. Each theme uses template pages, combined with dynamic content from your Word... Read More »

How to Install Tags in WP Cumulus?

WordPress is a platform that allows you to create your own blogs and websites online. When you create a post, you can assign tags to it. This is a list of keywords associated with the content of th... Read More »

What are clouds and fog made of?

Both clouds and fog are made up of water. Clouds are formed when warm, moist air moves upwards and then cools, creating droplets of water and ice. Fog is just a big cloud at ground level, created w... Read More »