What Are Cultural Politics?

Answer Cultural politics refers to the effects of mass media, political policies or political environment on cultures, races or groups. It studies how these influences alter society's perception of cultur... Read More »

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What does GOP mean in politics?

The Republican Party is known as the Grand Old Party or GOP. The party was established in the 1850s and first came to power in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln was elected president.Source:CBS: GOP Meanin... Read More »

How to Comeback in Politics?

Whether you are conservative, moderate or liberal you can help your political ideals and candidates to gain or regain power. What are strategies, tactics, ideas to utilize in politics to overcome a... Read More »

Who is the father of politics?

Niccolo Machiavelli is generally considered the father of modern political science. The Renaissance thinker's 1513 essay, "The Prince", discussed the manipulation necessary to exert political cont... Read More »

How to Get Started in Politics?

Politics is not a game: it's a call of duty.So you've finally decided to enter the world of politics. In this article, you will find advice that will surely give you a huge boost in your political ... Read More »