What Are Crescentic Gouges?

Answer Crescentic gouges are part of a larger geological phenomenon known as glacial erosion. Glacial erosion occurs when a glacier moves across a landform. Through this process of erosion, glaciers can m... Read More »

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Who was Olympe de Gouges?

Olympe de Gouges, born Marie Gouze on May 7, 1748, was a French writer. She wrote plays and political treatises calling for women's rights and abolitionism. She was arrested for her virulent belief... Read More »

Why was olympe de gouges guillotined?

Olympe de Gouges was born in 1748 in the southwest of France. During the French Revolution, her role as a playwright and outspoken political activist led her into trouble with the volatile French r... Read More »

A Description of Woodturning Gouges?

Woodturning gouges are long-handled, semicircular chisels that you can use to pare away wood from a spinning piece of wood on a lathe. There are two primary methods of woodturning, both of which us... Read More »

How to Fix Gouges in Aluminum Car Wheels?

Aluminum wheels are shiny, light-weight and come in many designs and patterns for most bolt patterns. Aluminum is versatile because it is inexpensive and readily available. The downside of aluminum... Read More »