What Are Contemporary Ethical Controversies?

Answer While society can agree upon the heinous nature of certain acts and deem them to be illegal, others become sources of intense ethical controversy. Sometimes these debates are kindled by advancing t... Read More »

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Controversies Over the Effects of Music on Teenagers?

Many controversies have surfaced linking music to violence and suicide by teenagers. Some of these cases have gone to court; others were speculation. After suicides and school shootings, many peopl... Read More »

Controversies Found in Intelligence Testing?

Sir Francis Galton, a British scientist, was among the first to study comparisons between people based on awards and accomplishments. He was convinced that intelligence was biologically inherited. ... Read More »

About Contemporary Ceramic Art?

One of the greatest challenges contemporary ceramic artists face is the notion that ceramics serve strictly a functional purpose rather than one of aesthetic beauty. Contemporary artists have embra... Read More »

Contemporary Uses of Wax & Encaustic?

Encaustic comes from the Greek word enkaustikos, or enkaiein, meaning "to burn into." The art form goes back to ancient Greece and Egypt. Encaustic involves combining pigment and wax with heat, alt... Read More »