What Are Common Industrial Uses of Hydrocarbon Oil?

Answer Hydrocarbon oil can be petroleum oil, coal tar, or oil produced from coal, shale, or peat. These oils will remain in liquid form at 15 degrees Celsius and have many industrial uses included in the ... Read More »

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Does chad, africa have a non-industrial or industrial economy?

The African country of Chad has a primarily non-industrial economy with at least 80 percent of its population relying on farming and livestock for their sources of income, according to the CIA Worl... Read More »

Does Chad, Africa have non industrial or industrial economics?

Chad operates under a non-industrial economy. The country is one of the poorest on the African continent. Chad is an agricultural economy, with 80 percent of the population relying on farming for i... Read More »

The Uses of Hydrocarbon Gas?

Hydrocarbons are molecules of carbon hydrogen and oxygen that have different chemical and physical properties depending on the structure of their bonding. These bonds may be single, multiple or hex... Read More »

Is a halogen a hydrocarbon?

Halogens and hydrocarbons are distinctly different chemical substances. Halogens are elements located in Group VII of the periodic table of elements and include fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodi... Read More »