What Are Clouds Around Stars on a Clear Night?

Answer It is an odd sensation to walk outdoors on a clear night and yet see faraway clouds in the sky. Actually, those clouds are even farther away than you might imagine because they are formed far out i... Read More »

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Suggestions in how to paint a night sky/stars on ceiling or clouds and blue sky as well?

Note before we get started. Between each step, allow all paint to DRY for at least 2 hours. Also, ALWAYS paint in a well ventilated room or environment.The first thing to do would be to paint the... Read More »

What Type of Clouds Are Rain Clouds?

Almost everyone watches clouds. Clouds are among the most fascinating of all weather phenomenon. They are formed through the process of condensation when water vapor rises into the atmosphere where... Read More »

Who came in first in last night's dancing with the stars?

How many stars are visible in the night sky?

Of the countless stars in our universe, only a fraction are visible to creatures on earth. Scientists estimate that 6,000 stars in the night sky may be visible globally to the unaided eye. Given id... Read More »