What Are Citations in a Student's Biography Paper?

Answer Citations are the way writers give credit to an information source. When you directly quote or paraphrase a source, you must follow it with an abbreviated citation in the body of the paper. You als... Read More »

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How to Write Citations on a Research Paper?

Starting in high school, most people have to write at least one research paper throughout their lives. Learning how to format and organize the paper can be daunting. Citations are confusing and dem... Read More »

Where do you place citations in a history term paper?

On One Hand: College Term PapersCitations for college history papers should be in the form of end notes or footnotes, which are either at the bottom of the page or the end of the paper. A number co... Read More »

How to Write an APA Paper While Adding Citations After Quoting?

The American Psychological Association (APA) sets out a guide for the proper citation and formatting of research papers, and this is the guide most often used by professionals and students working ... Read More »

How to Do a Biography Research Paper?

Writing a biography is like making a new friend. When you study someone's life you begin to feel that you know her as a person, and her secrets become yours. Deciding what you want to focus on in y... Read More »