What Are Chelated Fertilizers Used For?

Answer Chelated fertilizers are used for a variety of general applications, such as increasing plant growth, assuring proper development and generally providing efficient crop production. Chelated fertili... Read More »

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Why Are Some Minerals Chelated?

Manufacturers of mineral dietary supplements sometimes "chelate," or attach, the minerals to organic compounds to improve absorption in the body. Minerals are inorganic and cannot be absorbed well ... Read More »

The Effect of Chelated Iron on Bean Plants?

There are more than 55 different species of beans, but only five have been domesticated. Pre-Columbian peoples grew them for thousands of years as a main source of protein. Beans still play a major... Read More »

What is the amount in milligrams at or above which 'Chelated Copper' becomes toxic in a 120 lb. 30-ish female?

Be careful of supplementing specific minerals, they are all interrelated & too much of one can cause a deficiency of another. I would recommend whole foods which have a balance of vitamins & miner... Read More »

Who uses fertilizers?

Fertilizers are used by farmers, horticulturists and household gardeners. According to Nation Master in 2010, Ireland uses more fertilizers than any other country, followed by the Netherlands and E... Read More »