What Are Castellated Beams?

Answer It's easier to conceptualize castellated beams when you consider the word "castellated," which references the notches or battlements in castle towers. Castellated beams are I-beams or girders with ... Read More »

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Are glulam beams stronger than regular wood beams?

On One Hand: Consistency is QualityGlulam beams are stronger than regular wood beams because the members composing the glulam are of higher quality than the whole of a regular wood beam; there are ... Read More »

How to Run the High Beams & Low Beams at the Same Time on a 1997 GMC Yukon?

The headlights are an important safety component of the 1997 GMC Yukon. The low beams illuminate the road without blinding oncoming drivers and the high beams allow for more light when the roads ar... Read More »

What are barn beams made of?

Traditional barn beams are constructed with various types of wood. Some of the common species of wood that barn beams are made of include chestnut, oak, hickory, elm, maple, walnut, pine and ash.Re... Read More »

What is best vacuum cleaner for 14 ft ceilings and beams?