What Are Brown Peppercorns?

Answer In the world of spices, names can sometimes be misleading. Brown peppercorns have little in common with the similarly named spices known as black peppercorn, white peppercorn and green peppercorn. ... Read More »

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What is black peppercorns?

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What is peppercorns called in Hindi?

What tree do peppercorns come from?

The familiar peppercorns that are ground to make black pepper come from a vine, not a tree. The black pepper vine, Piper nigrum, is a tropical plant that produces abundant green berries. The unripe... Read More »

How to Crush Peppercorns?

Peppercorns should be cracked or ground to release their flavor. Crush the peppercorns by hand if you do not have a grinder. Peppercorns come from a flowering vine of the black pepper plant. Variet... Read More »