What Are Bogong Moths?

Answer Bogong moths are native to Australia. They are migratory night-flying moths common throughout southern Australia. The moths are one of only a few species of moths that have an annual migration to a... Read More »

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What do zebra sphinx moths eat?

Fully grown zebra sphinx moths, and all sphinx moths, are nectar feeders. They travel from flower to flower collecting nectar for nourishment, which makes them an important pollinator in their natu... Read More »

What Preys on Peppered Moths?

Peppered moths are a type of insect that is distinguished by its camouflaging wing colors, which are mostly black or mostly white. The lighter-colored moths are known as "typica," because when the... Read More »

What is the best solution for cell phone when staying in USA for 5 moths. For use with friends only.?

How to Get Rid of Moths?

Who wants moth-eaten wool clothing? Not me! Each of these steps can help to rid your woollies of moths.