What Are Black Holes for Kids?

Answer Black holes are a fascinating subject. It's no wonder they appeal to kids. The discovery of black holes is fairly recent. Theories published in 1916 lead scientists to a new way of thinking about t... Read More »

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How many black holes have been found?

List of Black Holes?

A black hole is a point in space where a supermassive star died and collapsed in on itself. The force of gravity from a black hole is so strong that nothing can escape it, not even light. This make... Read More »

How big are mini black holes?

Mini black holes were first hypothesized by Stephen Hawking in 1971. Mini black holes are thought to be a result of the Big Bang, which started the universe. These atom-size black holes can possess... Read More »

How to Draw Black Holes?

A black hole is the result of an aging star imploding at the end of its life. Einstein predicted the phenomenon; John Wheeler coined the term in 1967. The black hole's massive gravity sucks in all ... Read More »