What Are Biological Motives?

Answer Biological motives include the most basic human motivations such as hunger, thirst, sex and sensory stimulation. Biological motives are wired into the body's nervous system and are necessary for hu... Read More »

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What if biological mother lies under oath about the who the biological father is during adoption proceedings?

If you have sufficient evidence that the statements she made were false, you can file an appeal. If accepted, they could investigate and if proven guilty she would be charged with perjury, or "lyin... Read More »

What Are Motives in Pyschology?

Human motives strive to meet human needs. Motivations to meet needs are the focus of psychologists Abraham Maslow, Erich Fromm, Henry Murray and Yukio Ishizuka. Maslow created a hierarchy of needs.... Read More »

What are the main motives in Jane Eyre?

One main motif in Jane Eyre is the moon. It provides light and direction and is archetypal to women because of the cycles of the moon being comparable to the menstrual cycle. This is tied to the go... Read More »

What were the motives of the secret service to kill JFK?

If the Secret Service did kill JFK, the order would have come from much higher up. He obviously was a threat to someone, but with numerous conspiracy theories circulating around it's had to descern... Read More »