What Are Bereans in Terms of Religion?

Answer The term "Bereans" refers not to a specific mainstream religion, but to many individuals who profess a belief in Christianity as it is expressed solely through the words of the Bible. The term has ... Read More »

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Who were the bereans?

The Bereans were the inhabitants of an ancient city called Berea, in Greece. It's now known as Veria. They are mentioned in the New Testament in Acts 17:10-15. They were eager to hear the Gospel th... Read More »

I live in Bangkok and in my condo the director serve 2 terms is he allow to serve the 3 terms?

Your governing documents will give you the answer you want. They may be the only place where you can find the answer to your question, unless there are other laws in Bangkok that rule on the number... Read More »

What was Red Skelton's religion?

What Religion is Jay Leno?

I would guess that he is agnostic/doesn't care/or wants people not to know about his beliefs.He has criticized or made fun of several religions, as he began as a comedian.The Catholic church and ot... Read More »