What Are Angles & Lines for 4th Graders?

Answer A firm understanding of angles and lines is a must to dive deeper into the more complicated elements of geometry. This foundational understanding is usually taught to students when they reach the ... Read More »

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How to Teach Angles in Geometry to Third-Graders?

Having a firm grasp on the foundations of angles and geometric terms is an important step in ensuring future success in geometry. Some students struggle with geometry because they do not have a fou... Read More »

How to Measure Angles of Intersecting Lines?

Basic geometry involves intersecting lines and the angles they form. When two lines intersect, they create two pairs of angles -- vertically opposite angles. Vertically opposite angles will be equa... Read More »

Why do ppl look good in some angles while taking pictures but look diffrent at diffrent angles?

There are several reasons, so here goes:-- Photos are two-dimensional, rather than the three-dimensional view you get courtesy of your two eyes set a couple inches apart. Poses that create an illus... Read More »

Are 3rd graders dumber than 5th graders?

No. 5th graders are dumber than third graders because 5th graders could kill everybody riding the bus. Because they sing annoying songs all the time ( which could Descartes the bus driver.)