What Are Air Currents?

Answer Air currents are the driving force behind everything from weather patterns to the science of flight. As air moves through the atmosphere, it carries water that is released as rain and snow, causes ... Read More »

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When are rip currents most dangerous?

Rip currents are at their most dangerous during high surfing conditions. During this time, the water's current is moving very fast and is increased further by the higher than normal waves.Reference... Read More »

How do air currents form?

Air constantly moves over the face of the Earth in currents. These currents are caused by temperature differences on the surface of the planet caused by the sun. Earth's weather results from the i... Read More »

Where does the word"currents"come from?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word "currents" stems from the Old French word "corant," which means "running" or "lively." That word stems from the Latin "currere" (to run), whic... Read More »

What Are Convection Currents?

Convection currents transfer heat from one place to another by mass motion of a fluid such as water, air or molten rock. The heat transfer function of convection currents drives the earth's ocean c... Read More »