What Are Acid & Base Numbers?

Answer The strength of any acid or base is ranked on the pH scale from 0 to 14, with numbers lower than 7 representing acids and numbers above 7 representing bases. The number 7 is reserved for neutral ch... Read More »

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Is oil a base or acid?

Motor oil is more of a base than an acid. However, the pH of oil is affected by the amount of water that mixes with the oil. When water reacts with the gasses in oil, it produces acids, thus loweri... Read More »

What happens when an acid&a base are mixed together?

Acid-base reactions are among the most common experiments performed in chemistry labs, especially those found in educational settings. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the predictability of t... Read More »

Is Clorox an acid or a base?

Clorox is a strong base with a pH of around 13. Bases are often very slippery even in water and may cause severe burns to the skin. This explains why Clorox is so difficult to wash off as it slowly... Read More »

Is H2O Lewis acid or base?

According to the Lewis definition of acids and bases, an acid is a substance that can accept one pair of electrons; a base is a substance that can give away one pair of electrons. By this definitio... Read More »