What Annoys People Most About Their Roommates?

Answer A new dorm, apartment can be a home away from the home for young people, and it may be the first time they are living apart from their parents. While they have become used to parents and their idio... Read More »

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People who take the train or bus to work, what behavior annoys you the most?

jack@sses on their godd@mn cellphones- speak quietly or just SHUT IT!p.s. "just relax" my @ss; we are trying to have a friggin civilization here.

How to Tell Your Roommates to Clean up After Themselves?

Sometimes you come home, and there is crap everywhere. And, it's not your crap. It's their crap. Your roommate's. Usually, it's just there's just one person who is guilty of having a bad "slobbitud... Read More »

What to ask my potential roommates?

The list of questions I would ask:- What are your cleaning habits like? Do you clean up after yourself right away or let things sit until you feel like cleaning?- Are you interested in pooling mone... Read More »

How to Deal With Roommates?

Moving in with a new roommate? Not sure how to act? Never lived with anyone except your family before? Well, here you are!