What Annoys People Most About Their Roommates?

Answer A new dorm, apartment can be a home away from the home for young people, and it may be the first time they are living apart from their parents. While they have become used to parents and their idio... Read More »

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People who take the train or bus to work, what behavior annoys you the most?

jack@sses on their godd@mn cellphones- speak quietly or just SHUT IT!p.s. "just relax" my @ss; we are trying to have a friggin civilization here.

What soap character annoys you the most?

Rick Forrester in the Bold & the Beautiful!!!

What annoys you most when you can't sleep?

Just not being able to get any sleep.Just so much stress going on lately.

What annoys you the most in the Alternative Medicine forum?

All of the above.People are obviously posting questions here because the want information on safe, effective, natural alternatives to Western medicine. I don't understand certain people's need to p... Read More »