What Animals Do Dolphins Like as Friends?

Answer Dolphins are social creatures that form bonds with each other and their offspring. They congregate in groups known as pods. Together, they hunt, fish, mate and even play. This social behavior appea... Read More »

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Omg i used to like this guy then I didn't and we started to be better friends and now I like him again what do I do?

Start flirting and make sure you look attractive when he's around. spend extra time with him. Good luck chica ;)

What if you have friends that didn't like you and like you now?

Don't be friends with these people in the first place. This is due to those people not being "friends" but more like people who use you for their amusement. It's almost as if you have friends who l... Read More »

Do you like dolphins i love their water shows?

I work in a shipyard and when a ship comes in the dolphins will escort it in and jump out of the water in pairs....just like sea world

In ice age the movie what are the little rat like animals called?

If you're talkin about scrat, the thing that's always tryna get tha acorn. i'd say its some kind of sabor-tooth squirrel or something of that nature. if your talkin about i think their names are ed... Read More »